Please be advised there will be no in-person 341 meetings or Court hearings until further notice. All 341 meetings and Court hearings will be conducted via telephone. Debtors are directed to contact their Attorney or visit the Court’s website for more information.

Making a Payment

TFS bill pay provides an easy to use online payment option for your monthly bankruptcy payments. It’s cheaper and without the hassle.

Click the link below to register today:

It is very IMPORTANT to remember that the payment you create using tfsbillpay will be electronically withdrawn from your bank account and deposited into the Trustee’s bank account on your behalf. If you do not have the funds in your account, the payment will be rejected, which will result in your account being suspended.

Please note: payments are deemed “received” when it has been applied to your account. A payment that is “in transit” or “processing” is not considered a “received” payment. In light of this, when scheduling your payments, please make sure you have the payment removed from your account 5-8 business days before it is due to ensure timely receipt in this office.

**This website has absolutely no affiliation with the Trustee’s office. If you have any questions regarding your payments please contact TFS directly at (888) Pay.CH13 or visit the Help Center **

Although this office highly recommends payments to be made electronically, you are more than welcome to mail a certified bank check or money order to the following address:

Michael J. Macco, as Trustee
2950 Express Drive South
Suite 109
Islandia, NY 11749

**When sending your payment via regular mail please make sure your case number is written directly on face of the check**



Contact Michael J. Macco, U.S. Standing Bankruptcy Trustee