Please be advised there will be no in-person 341 meetings or Court hearings until further notice. All 341 meetings and Court hearings will be conducted via telephone. Debtors are directed to contact their Attorney or visit the Court’s website for more information.

This website is provided as public service to all interested parties in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

This site will provide helpful links and general information about this office’s role in the success of a Chapter 13.


Administering cases in the Eastern District of New York, where services are provided to individuals in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Kings, and Richmond Counties, including bankruptcies in the Central Islip and Brooklyn Courthouses.

Our Purpose

The United States Standing Bankruptcy Trustee is an independent third party charged with overseeing and ensuring the repayment of debts to secured and unsecured creditors, as well as governmental agencies or bodies.


The Trustee does not represent the debtor. As a result, by Federal law, this office is barred from giving legal advice of any kind.

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