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When can I speak to a Paralegal regarding my Chapter 13 case?

  • You may call the Trustee's office and speak to the Trustee's staff between the hours of 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR CASE NUMBER. We will not speak with you without the case number.
  • If you are on for an upcoming 341 meeting of creditors, you may start calling a WEEK before the 341 meeting of creditors between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and ask to speak to Saniyyah.
  • If you are on for an upcoming Confirmation Hearing Calendar, you may start calling a WEEK before the Confirmation Hearing Date and ask to speak to the Trustee between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Trustee is the ONLY person that can verbally speak to YOU regarding the status of your case.

How can I maintain my balance?

  • You can receive your balance by sending a written request to the Trustee's office with your case number on the letter. We can not tell you information over the phone. A response letter will be sent within two weeks.

Why do I need to send my Tax Returns and Refunds to the Trustee?

  • If you have a Chapter 13 Plan that pays less than 100% to unsecured creditors, you must turnover Tax Returns and any Refunds throughout the life of the Plan to the Trustee.

When do the Tax Returns have to be forward to the Trustee's office?

  • Trustee should receive copies of the Tax Returns no later than April 15. Please forward COMPLETE copies of Tax Returns to the office. Make sure the case number is on the Tax Returns.

If I am getting a refund, when does the Trustee have to receive it?

  • Trustee should receive the Tax Refunds no later than June 15. If the refund is being directly deposited into your bank account, you turnover your refund via money order or certified check. It should be made out to: Michael Macco, as Trustee. In the memo part of the money order or certified check please state that it is the State and/or Federal Tax Refund. You may use ONE money order or certified check. And remember to put your case number on money order or check.
  • If you are receiving a refund via check from either the IRS or Department of Taxation and Finance you can send us the check to our office. No need to deposit into your bank account and write out a money order or certified check. All you have to do is endorse the back of the check: For Deposit Only, Michael J Macco and put your case number on the front of the check.

If I owe money to the IRS or New York State, can I use my Tax Refund to pay the IRS or New York State?

  •  NO, you can not use your IRS or New York Refund(s) to pay the IRS or New York State. You must maintain a Court Order if you wish to do so.
  • If the IRS or New York State is keeping your Tax Refund, you must send an official letter from the IRS or New York State stating that they are offsetting the Tax Refund for the said year.

What if my case is on for an upcoming Confirmation Hearing Calendar?

  • The Trustee and his staff start reviewing files that are on for the upcoming confirmation calendars two weeks before the calendar date. It is the responsibility of the debtor and the debtors' attorney to review their case three weeks before the confirmation calendar date.
  • The Trustee does not look at UNFILED DOCUMENTS!
  • During the 341 meetings, the Trustee hands out a memo sheet to the debtor and debtors' attorney. It lists all the documents that are outstanding. On the memo sheet, there is a date that the Trustee wants theses outstanding documents forwarded to our office. You must have these documents in our office no later than the date that is given to you. PLEASE MAIL DOCUMENTS! DO NOT FAX!!!

How do I maintain car loan?

  • In order to receive a car loan, you must get the Trustee's permission. You must send a written request to our office. In the letter it should have the make, model, year, and car loan amount. It may take TWO WEEKS to respond to your request.

How do I send my Chapter 13 Payments?

  • Plan payments should be made out to MICHAEL MACCO, AS TRUSTEE. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS AT THE WINDOW. Please mail your payments to the Trustee. Trustee ONLY accepts money orders or certified checks. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS UNLESS IT IS STAMPED CERTIFIED BY THE BANK. ALWAYS PUT THE CASE NUMBER and ADDRESS on the FACE of the money order or certified check. It will be returned if there is no case number.

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