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Michael J. Macco, Federal Bankruptcy Trustee

This is the website of federal bankruptcy trustee Michael J. Macco, in Melville, New York. If you have filed for protection under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code and have had Mr. Macco assigned as your trustee, this site can offer important and useful information.

As your Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee, attorney Macco will work with you to put a meaningful repayment plan in place. He will review your income and expenses, as well as your debts and assets, and will help you formulate a plan that will be accepted by your creditors and approved by the court.

As Chapter 13 trustee for the Eastern District of New York, Mr. Macco presides over the meeting of creditors (also known as the Section 341 hearing). At that meeting, he will address all questions and concerns of your creditors and may question you or your lawyer, under oath if necessary. If your proposed plan is approved at the Section 341 hearing, Mr. Macco will attend your confirmation hearing, recommending that the bankruptcy court approve your plan as well.

How to Contact the Office of Trustee Michael J. Macco

As a federal bankruptcy trustee, Mr. Macco cannot meet with you personally. You can make telephone inquiries at his office between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, your calls will be taken by staff members, not by Mr. Macco.

All payments made to Mr. Macco must be by certified check or by money order. The trustee's office accepts no other form of payment.

As a federal bankruptcy trustee, Mr. Macco cannot provide you with legal advice. For answers to legal questions, you must contact your own bankruptcy lawyer.

If you have not yet filed for bankruptcy and are considering Chapter 13 as an option, send an e-mail to attorney Peter Corey at pcorey@maccosternlaw.com or call 631-549-7900, extension 316.


Indvidual Wage Earner Operating Reports (XLS)

Website Agreement

Payoff Request

Chapter 13 Plan

To view/verify debtor payments, please go to www.trustee13.com and/or www.ndc.org

To obtain the proper forms, please go to www.maccochapter13trustee.com

For further information about the forms and procedures, please click on the appropriate link below to be directed to the United States Bankruptcy Court Website

http://www.nyeb.uscourts.gov/ for the Eastern District

http://www.nysb.uscourts.gov/ for the Southern District

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Michael J. Macco, Chapter 13 Trustee
2950 Express Drive S, Suite 109
Islandia, NY 11749
Phone: 631-549-7900
Fax: 631-549-7845
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