Please be advised there will be no in-person 341 meetings or Court hearings until further notice. All 341 meetings and Court hearings will be conducted via telephone. Debtors are directed to contact their Attorney or visit the Court’s website for more information.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Overview

If you have already filed a petition for protection under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code, you have been assigned to a specific bankruptcy trustee. This is the website for trustee Michael J. Macco, a bankruptcy trustee in the Eastern District of New York, who has served in this capacity since 1983. This website provides valuable information to help you successfully put a reorganization plan in place.

The Trustee’s Involvement in a Chapter 13 Proceeding

As the trustee for your Chapter 13 bankruptcy, attorney Macco will work with you, looking carefully at your income, debts and assets, and helping you put together a reorganization plan that will be accepted by your creditors. He will personally preside over the meeting of creditors, also known as the Section 341 hearing, responding to questions or concerns from creditors and questioning you under oath, if necessary.

If your proposed plan is approved at the Section 341 hearing, Mr. Macco will appear at your bankruptcy confirmation hearing, recommending that the bankruptcy court approve your plan so that you can move forward. He will then oversee the repayment of your debts until your bankruptcy proceeding is done. He will be trustee of all your property until final payments are made.

How to Get Information to Mr. Macco

As a Chapter 13 trustee, Mr. Macco cannot meet with you personally. Furthermore, when you call his office, you will only be able to talk with members of his staff. To see who can respond to your specific questions, go to the staff page on this website. Inquiries can be made between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

As a Chapter 13 trustee, Mr. Macco cannot give you legal advice. If you have legal questions or concerns, you should direct them to your bankruptcy lawyer.

Contact Michael J. Macco, U.S. Standing Bankruptcy Trustee